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   openssl s_client -connect​443 -cert ./​mycert.pem -key ./mykey.pem -CAfile ./​myprivateCA.pem -msg -debug   openssl s_client -connect​443 -cert ./​mycert.pem -key ./mykey.pem -CAfile ./​myprivateCA.pem -msg -debug
   curl -k --cert ./​mycert.pem --key ./mykey.pem "​https://​"​   curl -k --cert ./​mycert.pem --key ./mykey.pem "​https://​"​
 +  curl --cacert ./​myprivateCA.pem --cert ./​mycert.pem --key ./mykey.pem "​https://​"​
 +==== Show certificate chain ====
 +  # No SNI
 +  :|openssl s_client -showcerts -connect​443
 +  # SNI
 +  :|openssl s_client -servername -showcerts -connect​443
 ==== Test SSL connection "​forcing"​ the IP ==== ==== Test SSL connection "​forcing"​ the IP ====
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