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Add-on GNU software

  1. Install the RPM Package Manager for AIX (if needed)
  2. Download the add-on tools from the AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications IBM page
  3. Install them using rpm


Manage HACMP clusters via smitty (for example to trigger a graceful failover) using:

smit hacmp

Managing daemons

AKA subsystems / services

  • Start a daemon with startsrc -s service
  • Stop a daemon with stopsrc -s service
  • Reload a configuration with refresh -s service
  • List all services with: lssrc -a
  • Enable a network service editing /etc/rc.tcpip

Error Logs

See the errors with errpt -a

Hardware info

Processor type

/usr/sbin/prtconf | grep -i “Processor Type”

Free/user memory

  • Installed RAM: prtconf -m
  • Used/free (in 256MB segments): svmon -G

See here for an explanation

SO Infos


  • topas
  • nmon
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