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-===== CPAN ===== 
-Install a CPAN module: 
-  sudo -H cpan -i Module::​Name 
-===== Build a Universal Binary app with Xcode ===== 
-Let's start with the sources of an application already compiling for ppc with xcode. 
-  * Open the project with xcode (it's the *.xcodeproj or the *.pbproj file) 
-  * Double-click on the icon on the very top of the Groups and Files list 
-  * In the General tab, choose "Mac OS X 10.4 (Universal)"​ for the Cross Develop Using Target SDK item 
-  * Click the Build tab, and: 
-    * choose "​Development"​ for the Configuration item and "​Customized Settings"​ for the Collection item. 
-    * Add the custom items: 
-     ​MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET_i386 -> 10.4 
-     ​MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET_ppc -> 10.3 
-  * Change the Configuration dropdown to "​Deployment/​Release"​ and change the Architectures setting to "ppc i386" 
-Now when you compile in developement mode (Project -> Set Active Build Configuration -> Development) you'll produce only binaries for $(NATIVE_ARCH),​ when you move in Deployment mode you'll make Universal binaries. 
-Well, maybe. At least I hope. If else fails try to have a look to the [[http://​​blog/​2006/​03/​details-on-our-universal-binary-port.html|page]] from where I've collected these notes. 
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